RBS Charity Day

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RBS managed to raise £560 which is a fantastic figure! Justgiving

Katie Doleman (Left) and Charlotte (Middle) who work at The Royal Bank of Scotland ‘Creditors Department’ and helped LAD shift a few of our 2012 Calendars, dress down day(s), carry out a silent auction, cake sale and a raffle.

All in order to raise LAD’s profile, raise Prostate Cancer Awareness and raise a smile by selling a few pictures of our godlike bums.

Russell made an appearance (right) at the raffle draw in the 3 o’clock cake and coffee break/huddle. Russell was sneaked in the back entrance as a few fans got wind of this secret event and were camped out front… they said they were the 1% and refused to move…..

Russell began the raffle draw….Unfortunately to some staff it seemed it was a fix after Russell pulled out both Katie’s and Charlotte’s numbers (luckily these were some of the smaller prizes) Russell now in full swing and signing autographs and having his picture taken saved the better tickets for the later stages, unfortunately Russell picked two numbers belonging to the manager of the Credit Services ‘Rob’ who in all fairness swiftly donating one of the prizes back in but did keep a very nice relaxation day for himself…. the sly old fox



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